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Full trip blades

Discussion in 'Western Plows Discussion' started by joeco129, Feb 19, 2007.

  1. joeco129

    joeco129 Senior Member
    Messages: 105

    Are all Western plows full trip blades? My 8ft pro plus ultra mount is but didn't know if all westerns were...

    Have any of you used a partial trip edge like on a Fisher plow?

    If you have experience with both, which do you prefer?
  2. M&M Services

    M&M Services Senior Member
    from midwest
    Messages: 501

    all Westerns except the MVP's are full trip design...We have an MVP and a Pro Plus, I like the trip edge because its not as rough..But tends to lose some snow when the edge trips..I believe it is all personal preference...I like my Pro Plus though..
  3. 06FX4Blizzard

    06FX4Blizzard Member
    from NE ohio
    Messages: 96

    western has the best full plow trip out there.. exspecially with the dual shock set up, like on my pro plus.very smooth trip.. thats what sold me on the plow.. i had a blizzard and when it would trip and come back, hope you where holding on to something lol... my buddy has the fisher with the trip edge on it and he says when it does trip and come back the whole plow jumps up..