Discussion in 'Ford Trucks' started by plow time, Feb 21, 2008.

  1. plow time

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    what kind of mpg do you guys get out of new 6.4 is it worth the cost of 7000.00 for the mpg
  2. tim096

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    If your just plowing no. If you pull a trailer yes the 6.4 are awsome.
  3. Jay brown

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    i've heard anywhere from 12-17mpg.....if your JUST looking at the fuel $$$$ savings a diesel will never be worth the extra cost($7k)...you might get 3-4 more MPG on the NEW diesels but the fuel cost too much more vs. gas
  4. OP
    plow time

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    I will not be using it for plowing i have my other truck for that but need it for my full time job as a constructoin foreman will be putting around 200 miles aday
  5. Surfdunn

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    been reading info on some of the 6.4 fourm on diesel sites and alot of the guys are pissed with the mpg there getting. Since the government's cracking down on emissions the trucks havent been doing good in the mpg field. Most guys I hear are getting from 9mpg hauling to 12-14 on the highway. There are companys that are just starting to get the programming down on the new 6.4 and being able to delete the DPF and guys are getting alittle better mpg. Just a matter if you want to void your 45k+ truck. Best bet is maybe to look into a 7.3 or late 06,07 6.0. I've got a 2006 6.0 and just seen 20mpg on the higway and around high 13 low 14 in city.
  6. Gicon

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    Def want a diesel. Maybe get an 04-07 6.0L ? Ive heard bad things about the gas milage on the 6.4's but there again....you dont go out and buy a F-350 diesel pick up truck to save on fuel