Fuel Tank Pressure! HELP!


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Here's the story.....

I have an 81 GMC 1/2 Ton, 305 automatic with dual tanks. Nothing special, just a good ole truck. One fine day outta the blue it dies, (did I mention the gas gauge doesn't work?!), no biggie, I switch tanks.....ooops they're both empty. Off i go to the gas station, get some gas and dump it in the tank......no start. No gas gettin to the carb. OK fine. I get more gas and put it in the other tank..........no gas to carb. I put in a new fuel pump, they're cheap and easy and by golly that helped! Truck goes VROOOOOM now. I drive off smellin' like a gas rag but I'm smilin so who cares?!

PROBLEM! The drivers side tank spews gas out of the filler pipe. It also spews up under the hood by the drivers side, near the radiator. I guess there is supposed to be a fuel vapor canister or something but that is long gone...

I can drive it about 10 miles before the pressure builds, I can release the gas cap and the fuel will spill out like it's over full.

The new fuel pump has 3 fittings, just like the old one. All i did was remove and replace. I swear! The fittings are different sizes even so I "know" I have it hooked up right, but why is the drivers side tank filling up?!

Sorry so long......but it's driving me crazy! :confused:

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