Fuel Line Problems

I have an 87 chevy with the 305. I put in a new engine with a different intake manifold and it changed the position of the throttle body. I was going to use braided steel fuel line (high pressure fuel pump system) for ease of use but i am having trouble finding the specialty ends that the old fuel line uses. I have been told these ends are metric.

What would you do


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Have you already bought the braided line? If not, "regular" fuel line isn't that hard to work with.

Or, and I say this without being 100% sure exactly how your truck's system is configured, are there fittings available which will allow you to adapt from what's on your truck to what will fit your hose?


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Try contacting an Aeroquip dealer in your area,if there is one. They specialize in all kinds of hose applications.
I had a hose made for a monoshock on my dirtbike. Kawasaki wanted $101.00 for a 1' rubber coated hose with a banjo fitting at both ends. The aeroquip dealer made me one steel braided for $30.00.


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The TBI should have had Braided lines already running to it. Could you not bend the end to make them fit, or has it moved up to far?

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