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I just bought a 95 K2500 chevy. I want to put a plow on it. My concern is, do I have to beef up the front end? I really hate to see trucks with plows on them and they're front end is 4" from the ground because of the weight of the plow. I want to go with either a western or a fisher. By the way , the truck has torsion bars up front. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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Is it the 8 bolt heavy duty? or the 6 bolt. Either way you don't really need to add anything, just crank up the torsion bars a couple of turns. In summer turn them back down. The Fisher is heavier than the Western so I would only go that route if you have the 8 bolt. Same goes for any "V" plow. You can install load boosters if you prefer but we have had good luck with just adjusting the torsion bars.

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If its a 8600 lb GVW or more than its OK the 6 lug 2500's use different front ring and pinion and I believe different A arms etc. They may be questionable as they also had lower rate torsion bars. You should be fine with plow squat. I run a BOSS V-Plow (pretty heavy) and it just squats a little. I had upped my torsion bars 2 weeks after I got the truck and havent touched them since. A regular straight blade of no more than 8.5 feet should be fine on this truck, regardless of manufacturer.


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I'm not sure whether its a 6 or 8 lug. wife has the truck today ..but I'll look when she gets home. I'll also check the gvw's on it. How do you crank the torsion bars up or down? All the vehicles i've owned have had springs in the front end....thanks

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In my experience-the 6 lug LD's hold the blade up better than the 8 lug HD's-I have 2 LD's,they hold the Fisher blade easy,my 89 drops 1-1 1/2" at the most ,the 91 drops 2",but its an excab.My 89 has the plow prep-91 doesnt.If you add 3-500 lbs of anything in the bed,the truck will sit a lot better and plow better too.This is the best way to keep the tail from shooting up,which makes the nose look even lower than it is.

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I turned the torsion bars on my Z71 up to where it lifted the front of the truck about 1/2-inch. This seemed to provide enough added resistance to help with plowing, but it did increase the ride harshness. On a 3/4-ton, you shouldn't even need to go that far. In fact, I think I would just add some ballast to the back of the truck instead. That way, you're not just putting more "spring" on the front, you're actually taking weight off of the front axle.


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How many turns can you safely crank up torsion bars ?
Also, I am considering either air bags or load boosters (What are they). What is the difference ?

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You should not need to turn them more than 3 turns. If so then you need load boosters. Try 1 1/2 then 2 turns and it should be fine. Even though its a 3/4 ton you will still need to turn them up a bit. Pat

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And to your question regarding load boosters and air bags, load boosters are big balls of rubber that replace your bump stops. They don't affect your ride. Air bags are just what their name implies. With coil spring front ends they go inside the coils, with anything else they stand alone and can be inflated with a tire inflator or an onboard compressor. Go with the load boosters. Cheaper and foolproof. I have found Timren brand to be the best.


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I have a 1995 gmc 1500 and i was wondering if i could increase the ride height a little with the torsion bars. Does my truck have torsion bars, will this work, and how do i trun them up? I was also wonderng if you had any ideas on how to increase the ride height of my truck with out a lift kit.

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