Front end sag

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by watatrp, Jan 10, 2001.

  1. watatrp

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    New to plowing. Have a 2001 Chevy Silverado 1500 w/ a Boss straight plow. Seems to work fine. The front end seems to sag a little. Any products I can install to fix this. I've heard something about Monroe Muscle LSE but can't find out any info on that. Any suggestions?
  2. finnegan

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    crank upyour torsion bars,send it out for a wheel alignment,and check nappa for the muscle lse-they have them...don't forget to putenough ballast in the back of the truck
  3. John DiMartino

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    Dont crank up the bars more than 2 turns or so,Id leave them alone and live with the sag,it will ride rougher with the cranked up.Get the timbren,or Napa boosters,but dont go crazy on the torsion bars.
  4. Finecut

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    Before wasting your time trying to find Monroe Muscle LSE at NAPA call 1-888-723-7743 and ask if they make them to fit your vehicle and could they give you a part #. It appears as if NAPA has no way of cross referencing this item in there computer????
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    I have a 2000 1500ext cab Chevy I put a Western 8' poly on and had the same results. Great to plow with but the front end squated bad. As of yet I haven't added any after market lift helpers but I did turn up tortion bars 3 turns. This seemed to help and didn't effect ride much with plow off. I'm considering going 2 more turns when I plow then turning them back down when I unhook the plow.
    My NAPA dealer didn't have any helpers to install as of Dec.2000, haven't checked any farther since. You find something let me know.
  6. bcngtr

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    Does it really matter that the front sags a bit? I have a 1990 c/k1500. It seems to sag about an 1-2" w/ 8' Western. I thought it was normal for that to happen given the weight of the plow?
  7. Iceman

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    In my situation, what bothers is the ultra low clearance my plow hookup has. As you know Western plow mounts are notoriously low any way, then when you mount them on a 1/2 ton truck that sits lower to begin with plus the fact the front suspension is weaker, you end up with a plow frame that has a hard time clearing even a 4" sidewalk. My angle cylinder pins take all the beating.
    Unless the problem is somewhat corrected, premature and uneven front tire wear is the end result.

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  8. mdb landscaping

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    we have that same truck, a 1500 short box. it does sag a bit. a company named timbren makes two rubber pieces you can put in. they are in the aw direct catalog. they made the truck sag a lot less. they are called loadbusters. email me if you have any other questions
  9. John DiMartino

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    This may be a dumb question,if you know your going to plow why do did you's buy 1500 excab's?The 2500 excab isnt much more money(not the HD2500),and it is meant to take a plow,the 1500 excab is not meant to handle a snowplow.I thi
    nk they ride as good as the 1500,have stronger 4L80 tranny,6.o 300HP.I was going to buy one,but decided to buy an older truck.With an 8 ft on a 1/2 ton,you will have bad sag,my truck sags bad if i overload it too.
  10. OP

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    I had considered buying a 2500 but then decided that the hassle of plowing wasn't worth it. Then had an opportunity come along where a buddy decided to get out of the business and I was able to take over 25 of his residential accounts. This all happened just a month ago after I bought the 1500. Now I wish I had bought the 3/4 ton.
  11. Iceman

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    Same reason here. We plow with 3 other trucks and when I bought my new one it wasn't for plowing. In fact, I decked the thing out with several custom options; stainless step pipes, stainless rocker panels and diamond plate, definately not your average plow truck. Along came the winter of 2000 and we couldn't keep up with the extra snow.
    Buying another truck wasn't an option.
    Had I known what was coming, I would of bought the 2500 and instead of buying an 8'Western, I'd got the 8'-6".
  12. RB

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    I was going to buy some Monroe Muscle LSE's for about $100 per pair, but decided to get the Timbren's at CPW for about $150/pr. I've seen the Monroe and I think they are good, but the timbren's are better.