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Must be the week for brake pads. My 98 started sqealing last week, so I installed new pads. No rotor damage, everything AOK.
The 84 K-20 starts sqealing the day after, we pull it into the shop this am, and pull the tires, another nice easy pad swap. Nope. This one got into the rotor on the passenger side, so we pull the rotor, and swap one in from a spare axel that I have for the truck.
Go to driverside, and we have about a 1/4 of play in the bearings, so need to pull that apart to get a look see. Well I have one allen head screw that wont come off, so I drill it out of the hubb assembly. No prob, take the hub assembly and internals out, walla, the allen screw turns out with my fingers, go figure.
Anyway, while we have it apart, might as well swap both rotors, this one is a bit thin.
So we install all new bearings,races and seals, and get the truck back togther.
Not to bad of a job, one guy about 6 hrs. Meanwhile I went and did some warm drywall work at our local FD.
Just thought I would fill you all in with our brake job of the day.
The 89 had all new brakes about 2 months ago, so that should be ok for a while.

i feel for you i had a similar scenario a few weeks back with an 89 and then an 97.....pads and shoes on both........ got out the door on the 89 with one rotor and a lower ball joint

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