• SnowCare For Troops Expands To Include Healthcare Workers
    Project EverGreen expands its SnowCare for Troops program to help healthcare professionals. Volunteers from the snow and landscape industries can provide snow and ice removal services to nominated healthcare heroes. Click here to read more.

from snow to water


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If we got snow from this last noreaster we would of been in snow plow heven plowing for a week.Every river in mass was overflowing and making ponds where roads and fields use to be.It would of been up to about 7'-8' in some areas.I could of paid for my machine off with that amount of snow.


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If this had been snow we would have been looking at 70-80 inches!! That might be a little TOO MUCH. The flooding then would just be gradual, but take a FEW WEEKS to subside. Does remind me of the April foolsday blizzard of 97 25" in 24hrs!!!