From a GMC to my Dodge - What do I need?


I'm interested in a 7 1/2 Meyers plow that is currently mounted to a GMC truck. Will it mount to my Dodge? What would I need and approximately what will it cost me?

The plow is 2 years old and in like new condition. What the most I should pay for it?



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Chevy to Dodge

No! The mount was built to fit the truck that it was mounted to, so you would have to purchase a new mount or have some one completely rework the Chevy mount. The control wiring should be the same, and more that likely you would have to do a head light moduale change over too. What year Dodge did you what to install this plow On?:rolleyes: John

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Cost about $500 + labor to mount it.

Some if the new trucks have relays that could add additional cost.

I wouldn't pay more than $1000 for it and would advise you purchase on of the more "industrially" built brands.

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$500 is about right but scratch the labor,ANYBODY with common hand tools can install todays plows,relays can be tricky to wire but take your time,follow the diagram,there's nothing to it!What to pay for a used plow?depends on were you are,what are similar plows bringing in your area$I'm looking for another fisher mm.They go for $1500-2000 around here but ive seen them cheaper in other areas.


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Hey TSG,what year is the GMC mount for?I currently have a mount for a mdodge and are looking to go to a chevy truck.possible swap if I find a truck real soon.How quick do you need to get this done?My dodge is a 97 1500.let me know.

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