Frink snow plows???


Meriden CT
Is Frink completely out of business or are they just majorly downsized. I have always been impressed with there products and the long time of serving the snow removal community and am curious as to there status.

Mick Veteran
Frink was bought by Everest (credit for that info goes to GeoffD). Apparently both are now built in Canada.
GUYS, I have a motel in that neck of the woods Clayton NY.
Frink gave all their employees an HOUR notice and their
paychecks. And they had to remove their tools and such
under the watchful eye of the local police !
Many pissedoff folks in Clayton to this day ! Frink is a dirty
word around here ! They thought they were supposed to
get at least a 90 day notice and severence pkgs. They
got zero, zilch, nada ! The ex- employees are still fighting
after 2 years with the labor boards and such for at least a
crumb of something. They sold the waterfront factory to
some developer for like 2 million last year.
Poor Mr. Frink must be rolling in his grave !........geo

BTW; A few years back frink had a pickup truck
plow set up simular to the western uni/ ultra mount
before western did !
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