Friction drivin hydro spreader?????

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Have any of you seen or heard of this new type of spreder they just sent us from Texas ( of all places to sell snow equip!! :) )

It has a wheel that folds down on the back and drags on the floor, which in turn drives the hydro pump for the spinner and conveyor. There are no setting on it, its just the faster you go, the more material comes out. If you want to see a pic of it, theres one of it sitting on our washrack on my website. We haven't thrown it in a truck yet because we're still hard at work ( we're putting off snow season!!)

Let me know if any of you've seen this before.
I'd like to learn more about it. One + I guess is the noise reduction from no aux engine.

We'll see!

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Look at the number of views you're getting compared to the responses. I've never seen anything like that either. Interesting concept though.


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What happens in low traction situation, the wheel will slide, and not get movement for the pump. With central hydro on the truck, it is very quiet already. This may be a good idea in areas that get 1-2 events a year, and dont want the expense of complicated hydro systems on board.

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Okay, I got the full scoop on this new spreader we got when the rep came from Canada this week. First of all, it came from a dealer in Texas, but its made in Canada. Its a brand named EPOKE.

There is pressure put down by a piston on that wheel that runs the hydraulics. They claim that the only time that wheel doesn't get traction is when your truck tires are spinning (meaning you'll have traction when you need it!)

He said a bunch of reasons why this design was good( noise polution vs. an aux engine, space on the truck bed, etc) But the one that made the most sense was you just drop it in the bed, theres no messing around with any connections at all. It takes about 5 minutes to put on. It also saves a load of $$$ because its a simple setup.

I'll let you guys know how it works once we get some white stuff here in Germany.

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