Fresh rebuild on my Massey Ferguson 1805

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment' started by DBX, Jan 12, 2020.

  1. DBX

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    Spent the last month rebuilding this 1975 Massey Ferguson 1805. We are installing a 16ft hla pusher tomorrow. I'll post updated pictures if anyone is interested







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  2. LapeerLandscape

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    XSKIER Junior Member
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    I really like everything about this. Is that a 3208 no turbo?
  4. OP

    DBX Junior Member
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    Yeah fresh 3208 non turbo.
  5. 512high

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    love it!! great work !
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  6. JoshA

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    Yes, definitely interested in seeing more pics!

    Where'd you find that fancy seat from?

    Like the beacon brackets too.
  7. Randall Ave

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    3208, that brings back memories. I still have the timing pin and snap gear tools for that.
  8. the Suburbanite

    the Suburbanite Addict
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    looks like an Audi passenger seat
  9. OP

    DBX Junior Member
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    Seat came out of a jeep compass and obviously hooked up the seat heater.

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  10. Kvston

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    Snow chicken! Sweet setup man.
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  11. Philbilly2

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    Have a White 4-210 at the farm that now has a 3208 but with a turbo. Previous motor in it was a non turbo 3208... you could get the stack glowing at night with a 5 shank ripper on it. :laugh:

    Hard to beat cheap horsepower Thumbs Up
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  12. JoshA

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    I have that same pusher, goes on the loader of a few different tractors. Do you have yours set up to angle on that blade mount?

    I like the rigup!