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Freind is buying a new plow truck

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A friend of mine is trying to get into the lawn and snow buis and he decided he wanted to plow thios winter. From my experience with trucks i like chevys. I told him to get a 3/4 ton 4x4 with the best tranny and engine combo. He is starting out so he wont need anything too big and expensive but would like something which he can start plowing with and pull a trailer with also. What would be the best engine and tranny combo for a 3/4 ton truck and what should he be careful with.

Thanks everyone for the help.
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I read that your friend is just starting out, so capital available for equipment would be limitied. So, if he will get just one truck, I'd suggest a gas-powered 3/4 ton with auto and snow plow prep pkg. The gas engine would be less expensive and he can evaluate his use patterns before considering a diesel.

I run Chevs (gas and diesel) with Boss plows, but I won't wade into the brand debate today - gotta go out and enjoy the day. Just mention a 3/4 ton, some creature comforts, plow prep pkg and some brand of vee plow.

(OK, I will bite: Chev 5.7 or 6.0 8600 lb GVWR if new, auto, plow prep, skid plates, trailer pkg, no positraction diff and (because of my dealer's support) a Boss plow.
Now, I gotta go out.
Well I am alsp a chevy man, however I will say that all 3 make a decent truck.
But if I was to look at a used chevy I would get either the older body style 95-99 3/4 or 1 ton p/u with the 5.7 and the 4L80E tranny.
By far the best auto tranny available till this fall when the allison 5sp auto comes out in GM trucks.
Get the plow prep and have him look at a v plow, doesnt matter what brand just get one.
If he wants an older truck,say pre 1990 then definatly try and find a K-30 from 87 or 88. GM extended the older body style till 88or 89.
But with that truck you would get a dana 60front and large corp. rear. 205 t case and fuel injection.
Of course a pre 93 dodge will give you all that and possibly a cummins Turbo diesel. Now that engine is low on HP but will run forever and dodge made a reak stout drivetrain back then. In fact I am tempted to find such a truck myself.

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I'd be leery of diving into a new GM/Allison right away. Let somebody else do the road testing on those for a year or so. They may be fine but far too often there are bugs that don't show until they get some run time on them.
Guys thanks for the response.

He is looking to buy new so i told him to get a silverado 2500. The v pow sounds a lottle heavy for this truck because everyone says how chevys dont have solid front axles. He is lokking at buying ar leasing new is there a sertian model he should look for or just a 3/4 ton with a plow prep and the allison trans.


If he is going to buy a v-plow. I would opt for a 1 ton, thats is for any brand truck or any brand plow.

Just starting out? Truck - used 3/4 ton, auto w/snow plow pkg. Plow - new 8' straight blade w/wings. That combo's not too big, not too expensive. Save the 1 ton and V-Plows for later.

Dave in S.Ontario
Thanks again. Are v wings controlled from the inside of the truck or are they the rubber things that permanently stay out or in.
V plows are controlled from the truck, pro wings are the easy on/off wings for cleanup only.
I personally dont think Gm will have many problems with the new HD series gas/allison tranny combo. I do think that the duramax diesel and allison with have a few teething problems. Howver that being said it is a costly combo.
The 6.0 with the 4L80E tranny in the new HD lineup will work fine, and the 3/4 ton p/u will have a 9200 gvw, and the fact that it is 600# lighter than a ford f-350 the difference in actual GVW is only 200#
So in this case the HD 3/4 ton is equal to a one ton ford, so I think that it will handle a v plow fine. I have seen the western/fisher v plows on 3/4 tons and they work fine. As with anything operator control is key to longevity.

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I'll give one more observation. One truck is a 2000 K2500 E-cab, short box, loaded with leather (all toys except a limited slip). It was ordered to carry a Boss. We went with an 8'2" model and the only problem we have had after the first winter was in the plow light curcuit. The truck handles the plow OK, really well in fact, but the 8'2" is about as big as I want to go. The reason is the plow would not lift any higher if it were a 9'2", yet the corners would hang lower and drag more when backing up and travelling in the vee position.

But Dino,, a 3/4 ton Chevy has ALWAYS been the equal of a 1 ton Ford.
Thanks for the post. The advice is appreciated.

Alan,I always thought my S10 was equal to the 1 ton Fords,see you learn something new here all the time. LOL

John D
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