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Freezing rain in NW Vermont, maybe


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Forecast here (NW corner of Vermont) is for freezing rain later Saturday night into Sunday morning. Still too early to get excited about it but it might make for an interesting few hours. With two trucks ready to spread it's no big deal to keep up with it, I just hope it develops into nothing all that major, memories of '98 still linger in my mind. I have GOT to get chains for the 5500 next week! That hill between me and the salt shed is just too spooky when it's icy and the truck is barefooted. There's a place down in southern NH that has good pricing on tire chains, I used to have their web address but lost it in a computer swap, anybody have an idea who they are?


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The same for here in Maine on Sunday, starting as a mix changing to rain. Maybe I will have to try out some of that new salt I got, I know I will end up useing some 50/50 too.



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Looking better all the time

Well now, Weather Channel has upgraded the forecast to freezing rain starting towards daybreak on Sunday and changing to rain by afternoon. Sure starting to look like we'll lay some salt on this one.