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just finished the last welds on my mutt plow, It worked out nicer than I thought it would- an 8ft western pro plow on a meyer lift frame. I dont know if its lighter than meyers c-8 but it seems to lift alot faster now ,dont have the specs for the pro plow but I,m guessing 400-425lbs?

I'm gonna have fun explaining what type of plow it is (meyerstern)???


I have just the opposite on one of my trucks- Westen mount and lift and a Meyer 7.5 plow. Works good for driveways.


How about a 8.5' Western Pro Plow on a Fisher hitch. Bought a 91' 2500 Chevy a few years back with 109,000m. for a second plow truck. Now with 251000m. and the same equipment pushing snow she's still a gem. Do ole chevy's ever die? How about ole Fishterns?