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Everything Snow and Ice newsletter would have never been if it wasn't for chuck and dino. we all talked about making one, but they were the ones who wrote the articles and helped me out a lot. after it was published, i never even sent chuck or dino one copy. i have done a lot of stupid things, but this is one of my stupidist. chuck and dino are the real people behind the newsletter. they were the ones that wrote articles and columns. all i did was just print it. they should've been the first to get copies of it, but i kept telling myself i'd send them later when i got more copies. well, i had a bunch of copies, and what did i do, they got lost in all the junk in my room. i just found them last night. i think that everyone that's recieved the newsletter should recognize chuck and dino for their excellent work on making a newsletter for the snow and ice control industry. i have wronged and i apologize.

sorry for the confusion,


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Thanks for the kudos Bryan. As long as you learned from this!! Never put off today, what can't wait! And always give credit where credit is due! No hard feelings Bryan. It's great that you put in the effort to organize and create such a newsletter. Give it time, and it will be one of the best out there I'm sure.

Oh, and to all of you that said you'd be interested, and would like to receive copies in the thread about this newsletter.... Send Bryan an e mail with your snail mail address!!! This is more snail mail based than e mail based.
It saves the trouble of some computers not having the program the newsletter was created with, not being able to display the newsletter properly! You might be able to open it, but it will look confusing if the program doesn't recognize the format.


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