Ford/Western unimount question

I've got an 89 F350 that currently has a Western Unimount 9' proplow. The truck is very near it's demise, it was well used when I got it three years ago. I will be replacing it with another F350, but will be looking to get a 94-97. My question is about the plow mount, will the plow mount fit on the newer truck? Is the frame end the same, or will I have to spring for a new mount.


GeoffD Veteran
You will need a new mount. The mounts are the same 92-97. However I heard that it doesn't take much modification to make it fit, there wasn't much of change between 91 and 92.


Eric ELM

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In 1997 I bought a new HD F250 and put the plow off of my 1985 truck on it. The plow dealer let me trade in my old mounts for the new mounts. He said they have older trucks come in and want new plows put on them, so he takes trade ins. This could be an option for you.

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