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FORD V8 or V10


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I will be purchasing a new 2001 FORD F250 or F350 SD in the next week. I have decided to stay away from diesel. I was going to get a 5.4l V8 but have been finding more trucks on the dealer lots in my area that have the V10. I am not at all familiar with the V10. Anyone that knows anything between the two (V8 / V10) please give your opinion. The truck will be outfitted with a FISHER V-Plow. GEOFF, I think you are a big FORD guy, any suggestions? Thanks.



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Well i am commemting becuase i had the use of a V10 it was a F350SD extened cab short bed 4X4 .It had so much power i was pulling a 5ton bobcat trailer loaded.I have heard that the fuel consumtion gets better when your cruising on the highway but it's only hearsay that I heard.I prefere a diesel becuase you can let i ideal for long periods and and better fuel economy and the powerstroke is a good engine lots of power until chevy gets there duramax out there.Good look and let me know what way you went.


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Ok I would get the F 350 ( i will tell anyone to get a 1 ton over a 3/4, I don't care what brand you are looking at, i still would recomend the 1 ton). It is not that the 250 isn't a good truck. It just i belive that the 1 ton pick up for a little bit more ( the base cost for a F 250 4X4 is around 23,400, the base cost of a F 350 is around 23,900, this is for regular cab 4X4 XL before adding options) So the F 350 isn't that much more.

Ok, as for an engine, the 5.4 will work fine for plowing, and light towing (for a regular cab, anything else go with the v-10). However if you plan on pulling anything heavy move up to the V 10. In my personel truck, a 99 F 350 4x4 regular cab, I have the 5.4, works fine for plowing, and the fuel millages is good for driving around. However they day i had the max payload in it, was the day i wished i had the v-10 ( i have enough other trucks that can haul heavy weight, so most of the time, i don't carry more than 500 lbs in the back.) If this is your primary truck, and you plan on carrying a v-box get a V-10 and Get the F 350.

So let me sum this up.

If you want great performance when:
Towing over 3K
Freighting a V-box
Hauling a Heavy pay load

Get the V-10, auto, 4.10 rear end

However if you are not going do the stuff above, very often, the 5.4 would do the job.

However i think my next truck will be a diesel, only i guess you have set your mind against it.



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350 & V-10

These are big, heavy trucks to begin with. Give them all the working capacity you can.


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If the $$$ is NOT the issue, I would HIGHLY recommend the 7.3 diesel over the two gas motors. Talk to just about anyone who has bought a diesel recently. The savings in maintenance/fuel are real.

I pulled my trailer to the racetrack last night. It weighs about 5K lbs with the bikes(I dragrace streetbikes). Just out of curiousity I set cruise @ ~70mph on the way to the track in N.H. Averaged 14.5 mpg towing...not bad. On the way home I cruised @ 80+mph and averaged over 12mpg, and NEVER used over 1/2 throttle going UPHILL. Yes my truck is a diesel(ram), and I'll never buy another full size gas truck. I can get 20mpg empty @ 65mph.....

Like Geoff said, if you do a lot of heavy hauling buy the V10, and get a gas card. Everyone I knows who has the V10 gets NO better than 10 mpg average. That is probably why there is Sooo many left on the lots. The 5.4 is a good motor, but a little weak for heavy payloads. Good Luck in your purchase.