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Ford V-10 Exhaust Manifold

Discussion in 'Ford Trucks' started by niederhauser la, Mar 24, 2005.

  1. niederhauser la

    niederhauser la Member
    from Utah
    Messages: 79

    I have a 99 Ford V10 and when it is cold I notice a exhaust leak coming from the manifold. After looking I have noticed that there are 3 or 4 bolts that hold the manifold on are broken off. As soon as the motor gets hot the leak stops. I was wondering if this was a common problem with the V 10's.
  2. DJ Contracting

    DJ Contracting PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,392

    Yes it is :realmad: you might want to check with your local dealer to see if they are putting in different style bolts or just replacing them with the original ones, i used to work for a Ford dealership for fifteen years and go back to visit. I always notice that someone is replacing exhaust bolts.
  3. brad welch

    brad welch Member
    Messages: 48

    v10 manifold

    hey i specialize in exhaust manifold repair and have done about 10-12 v-10 trucks and vans in the last year or so. it is pretty common problem. the studs just snap , i remove the manifold and weld to the studs and usually the weld heat is enough to remove the broken off part. also ford thinks highly of their studs and nuts--like 50 bucks for stud and nut kit. the last couple i have measured and bought hardened bolts that when installed are only a couple thread from bottoming out. much cheaper-about 3 dollars-- no trouble reported yet.
  4. lawnandplow42

    lawnandplow42 Senior Member
    Messages: 110

    sorry this is off topic, but does ford still make the v-10s? What liter are they?
    Do they have a lot of power? I'm just curious about the v-10's thanks
  5. niederhauser la

    niederhauser la Member
    from Utah
    Messages: 79

    Yeah they still make the V-10 I believe it is still the 6.8 liter. From what I hear they made some changes for the better and its suppost to have alot more power.