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Ford Explorer

Discussion in 'Ford Trucks' started by MSHAIL, Jan 16, 2006.


    MSHAIL Junior Member
    Messages: 3

    I own a 1991Ford Explorer which I do not drive on a daily basis. It is a four door with a 4.0L motor and automatic transmission. Could this truck be set up to plow light residential?
  2. Chevy05

    Chevy05 Member
    Messages: 78

    HI wouldent even bother..I just got rid of my 91 explorer after owning it for 2 months..It was junk,,That year they had alot of tranny issues

  3. icebladez

    icebladez Member
    from sask
    Messages: 74

    could you let me in on some good Explorers Chevy05?..i was considering a '91 until your words..
  4. Chevy05

    Chevy05 Member
    Messages: 78

    Sure no problem

    The newer ford explorer are pretty good so i've heard, My dad owns one, he loves it, You should look at the Explorer sport

    Any other question feel free to ask

  5. icebladez

    icebladez Member
    from sask
    Messages: 74

    i was wondering why are those Explorers going for so cheap..does this include 92-97's?i would think the 96&7's would be head'n shoulders above them, would you buy any pre 96's??or is a Blazers10 a better way to get'r done?
  6. MickiRig1

    MickiRig1 PlowSite Veteran
    Messages: 3,617

    I would be willing to bet there's a lot of Explorers cheap because there are a lot around. Some even coming off their 2nd lease in their lifetime.

    You would have to do a bit of upgrading to get one ready to plow.
    It would need a big towing transmission cooler added, at least 100 amp alternator and a big battery,the auto front axle hubs changed to manuals,cargo coil springs added up front with heavy duty shocks--Timbrens if they make them for it. Find a plow that will work and mount to it. Real tires would help too, not soft street tires.
    Then be prepared to do repairs/brakes/u-joints & CV's and the danger of a $2,500 transmission rebuild if it pops.
    That's why I have an F-250 it uses more gas and a lot less parts.