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Ford and International will be building class 6 and 7 trucks together. So what does this all mean. There is talk about Ford and International also building smaller trucks together, and more diesel engines. Does that mean more than one diesel option for the F 550, or maybe powertrains designed by International and Ford to be built tougher? Only time will tell.

However the 64,000 dollare question in my Brain is this. Ford can't build a class 8 truck on their own, after they sold their class 8 products to Freightliner. However can the build class 8 trucks with International?

Here is more info:,2669,ART-49842,FF.html


Mike Nelson

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I thought the F650 and F750's were class 6 or 7.I don't remember what gvw's those classes are.
Would be nice to see two great trucks come together,not like freightliner and sterling.
Keep us posted

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F 650s and F 750s are class 6 and 7. However International and Ford may latter build class 5s together down the road.

My other point was it may not stop at class 7, 2 years down the road, the same thing might be happening with class 8.


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Sterling is an economy Freightliner; freightliner recently bought Sterling, DaimlerChrysler owns Freightliner and recently bought Western Star among others.

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