forcasting -10 degree temps with snow, what to expect?

Discussion in 'Ice Management' started by ACA L&L, Jan 31, 2011.

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    so here in Albuquerque New Mexico, we get a few storms every year with alot of ice melt apps threw out the winter. We are supposed to be getting 1-3" tonite with 40 mile an hour winds, tuesday am 1-2" with 20 degrees or so, more snow during day another 1-2" with 15 degrees during day and then it drops to -10 that evening, we will be working the snow as it falls, with temps so low what can we expect? we have never had temps that low here, the lowest i can remember was single dgit no snow..........just wondering if things break or roads freeze just from moisture that was there during day?? or am i just paranoid. Heading out soon, wont really be back on site until wed or thur from the looks of it...should be funn!!!
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    i can not believe it gets that cold in new mexico
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    well its not normal, tonite after 3 days of snow we will see -8.....pipes froze, 1st time ever here.............3 pallets of ice melt in 3 days, lots of scraping! was up since mon 6am, fell asleep tuesday nite at 9pm, woke up at 1, just got inm about to hit rack...

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    Need to get out of Ohio more often. Flagstaff Arizona is also known for having snow yearly.
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    ice melter

    That cold I hope you have some magnesium or calcium chloride. If not, see if you can find some to use with your sodium chloride.

    Good luck!
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    Make sure you get a pre app of salt in before it snow, to help keep teh snow from bonding to the pavement, if it is a high traffic commercial lot.
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    When it is that cold you do NOT want to pre-treat.

    You want to keep it as dry as possible until it falls and you can clear it. Snow at that temperature is very dry, if you start to melt it then it will refreeze. You will end up with ice where before you just had dry, unslick powdery snow. Also, if it does start to melt in heavy winds the wind will blow more snow onto the damp area and it will stick, dilute the salt and refreeze.

    Let it fall, push it off then apply during the night when the temperatures reach their low or early in the day before the temperature high. Do NOT apply ice melt in the evening as the temps are falling because it can melt then refreeze as the temperature drops. Apply it when the temperatures are at their coldest so it will either melt or sit there until the temperatures are warm enough for it to work, when it is that cold it wont melt much of anything until the sun comes out.
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    Good call spaceman, thats pretty much how it went down, almost to a T. We did have a few that just would not cooperate but of the 40 or so lots we do, we managed the 3 days of hell pretty well, we stil have standing snow in landscaped areas but all the asphalt is nice and dry, cant speak for the natives here (native new mexicans who have never dealt with real snow storms, they think 3" is a storm) who are always so confused why the ice melt is not working when the wind is blowing 40 mph and the temps are any rate the only issue we had was cold ass windburned faces and the damn pipes in my house froze....go figure.......I was up 6am mon til 6pm tues.......4 hour nap and then another 24 hours..........i have never worked that long before and i must say i was functioning very well until i was a block away from my house. I slept for 13 hours and felt grteat the next day. all in all great money maker for us and looks like another small front is on the way for the weekend maybe monday........keep it coming, good winter equals good spring.