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    Todd,I feel for you your frustration with this dilemma.We use a service called Fleet Weather from Fishkill N.Y. They do the weather all over the world. They supply NBC,CBS,ABC,and the Weather channel with weather info.They are accurate about 90% of the time and will give specific weather for your arae,which includes how much snow on paved surfaces,untreated surfaces,the hour it is going to start to snow,the time it is going to be heaviest,and a slew of other info. These reports are updated and start about 10 to12 hours before the storm.Call me for info if you want John<p>----------<br>J PARKER<br>914-485-4200
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    A quick note.....<p>NO ONE KNOWS THE WEATHER!!<p>I work at morristown airport and we have direct satellite connections, faxed weather reports every hour, and whatever else you can think off. You know what, not once did all the reports match.<p>We have a aviation system called WSI victor and it is directly conncted to all sorts of weather forecasters, mainly aviation, which are the best. Not once have they ever been 100%.<p>We have live radar, and it is useles. WE had DTN, and that was useless. You could look at the radar and see a large blob (thats what i call it) of snow over you, then look outside and see nothing. Its all just guess work.<p>Know, i will admit it gives you good ideas of how long the storm may last and when it will start, but there still can be a big varieance in start/stop times, total cumulation, snow to ice swith times, etc.<p>We maintain a airfield, so knowing the storm is of extreme importance. Cost is no matter, and we have it all. Still, nothing is near accurate.<p>
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    Steveair,<p>Do you use urethane edges on your field? I set up Lebanon, New Hampshire with cutting edges for several of their plows and pushers.<br>If your interested I can get some data to you plus a letter from the airport as to the performance of the edges. You can contact me by email @<p>vince Panaroni
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    I think the key to this is having things set up in a way that if you need to get on the road fast ya can. I would suggest not depending on the weather forcasters, our first plowable storm this year left our competitors upsh+t creak. The forcast were way off, they said no accumulation of ice or snow, because it would warm up, well it never did ( most didn't even have the sander in the truck). I mean ya i didn't sleep that night because i was putting plows on trucks in the ice and snow all night, but that was because i doubted the weather guys, even at 11 pm they said it would change to rain soon, when we had 1&quot; and no sign of it letting up. <p>My advice is try to set yourself up so that you can get on the road fast. Here are a few tips:<p>Ok if you have more than 1 truck this is more for you.<p>When parking trucks in the winter time assign parking spaces for each truck.<p>Park the trucks right infront of the plows.<p>Have employees get in the habit of getting the truck inline with the plow before they leave at night. Easy to connect to if you have to when you weren't planning too. It's easyer than trying to find which plow goes on which truck in the snow and dark too.<p>If it's an employees company truck have them take the plow home for the winter or make sure their plow isn't obstructed.<p>Always cover a v-box spreader ice and snow in the bottom are no fun.<p>Keep a sand and salt supply near by (next year mine will be at the shop)<p>Try to keep trucks full of fuel in the winter.<p>Have shovels and other necessary snow and ice removal equipment stored in a place that is easy to get to, if it isn't stored in the truck.<p>Try to get employees to keep an eye on the weather themselves ( it's hard to watch 3 forcast at once, 3 stations weather reports), that way they know what the chances of working early or late the next day so they can get ready ( they have lives too). <p>Most of these are simple things that don't cost much to do, but will help.<p>My idea is watch the weather, but also think for yourself sometimes. If there is 1&quot; at 11 and they say it will rain and poor all night and melt it, i would air on the side of caution and get ready.<p>Just be ready to plow from November to April, and ya never know when ya will need to head out.<p>Geoff
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    Steveair,<p>Thanks for your email this morning. Could you please either send me your email address or fax number so as I can forward you some data.<p><br>vince
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    Hey vince<br>my address at work is Look forward to getting the information. <br>thanks<br>steveair
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    The one thing I love about weather is it justs kicks mans ass all the time, and nothing they can do about it. They can forcast all day long, and it will just do what it wants. For an example on that read the book The Perfect Storm, by Paul Junger.<br>It chronicles the October 28-Nov 3 storm off the Eastern Coast. It was a major storm thatwas never even forcasted, and then after it formed moved of all things southwest, toward NC from down east maine. Had never happened in recorded history.<br>So in other words, watch listen, be prepared and then wait. 9 out of 10 they will be wrong.<br>Dino<p>----------<br> Professional Ice and Snow Management <br>Products:Services:Equipment
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    Is there any site that has someone that writes a column about the weather on a daily basis, other than Accuweather's Joe Bastardi, who wants you to pay to have someone tell you information that is always wrong. I mean, why would someone pay for incorrect information. You can get that all over the net, radio and tv. Today in our area they are calling for the temps to be 36, it's now almost 3 pm and it's 26, and they are still calling for 36. They can't even get it right when it's happening. I like Bastardi's work, he at least break's it down about all the variables and maybe's and maybe nots and what could happen and all that, it's just against my nature to pay for it, call me tight I guess. I'm just looking for new information sources, or somthing different than Noaa, weather channel, accuweather etc.
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    There's speculation. There's wild speculation. And then there's the Weather Channel.
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    In my area NE Ohio the "local on the eights" is just the national weather servcies forcast word for word. Check both you will see. There is an old timer weatherman around here that's been here 30 years on TV. He knows this area's weather well. He will be the first to throw up his hands and say he dosen't know when and how much. I just watch the radar and check multiple weather sites. I still get surprissed with the 4AM phone call to mount-up and move-out.