For those with a Fisher Speedcaster.....Some ?????'s

Andy N.

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Pittsburgh, PA
Alright, my first time using the Speedcaster. I wasn't all to thrilled with it. I have used the Trynex Sand Pro (on my other truck). Here are my questions:

1. When I am doing a parking lot or anything for that matter, when I turn it off to jockey for position for the next pass, salt continues to pour out of the spinner leaving piles of wasted salt everwhere. Do you know of any tricks to eliminate this problem.

2. The spinner does not spread the salt nearly as wide as my Trynex. I have the adjustable baffle on the widest setting possible. Any suggestions as to how I can get more width?

3. On a normal snow/ice condition, what size opening do you all use on the adjustable flow plate above the spinner in order to get good melt action without using to much salt?

Thanks ahead of time for the input!
ps - it is finally snowing in Pittsburgh (we had our first salting round last night).


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I have never used just plain salt in it i use the mix and keep the gate open 3/4 and set the control in the middle.I notice that it does not spread very far not as far as the bigger gas units.Never had a problem of excess sand dropping as i position the sander but that's sand the only thing that I notice on mine is that you can't load it all the way up plow all day then expect sand to come out it just gets all compacted.

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What type of salt are you useing in your spreader.

If you are useing salt with a lot of fines in it then you are going to have salt falling past. However the salt we are using is corse, and we can leave the gate open and drive down the road. However when useing salt that is fine, we ran into the same problem you did.

With salt my guys have the gate set at 2 nuts, and the speed as high as it will gp. I think the spreader covers a good 25' feet at that setting.

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Andy N.

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Pittsburgh, PA
I am using course salt as well. It is Morton Rock Salt. It is the largest I have seen yet, almost as large as marbles. I have the gate open less than you, and I am having that problem. It really has me perplexed!

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