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For those of you going crazy with the weather...

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by vis, Jan 19, 2006.

  1. vis

    vis Senior Member
    from 4
    Messages: 324

    Here is something to watch for monday-tuesday

  2. maxwell

    maxwell Member
    from nw ohio
    Messages: 59

    also for those of you who have ever seen crappuweather get somethng right, let alone 3 days out - say "I"
  3. vis

    vis Senior Member
    from 4
    Messages: 324

  4. DodgeBlizzard

    DodgeBlizzard Senior Member
    Messages: 526

    I I I I I I I :gunsfiring:
  5. vis

    vis Senior Member
    from 4
    Messages: 324

    i like the accuweather charts and depth charts for snow, they are usually pretty accurate around here. payup :gunsfiring:
  6. Potomac Lawns

    Potomac Lawns Member
    Messages: 91

    theres only 1 problem with those graphics, theres no snow for Maryland. :realmad:

  7. vis

    vis Senior Member
    from 4
    Messages: 324

    hehe CT gogo snow!!payup
  8. Yaz

    Yaz PlowSite.com Addict
    from NH
    Messages: 1,061

    Quick...close this thread, it might jinks it! lol
  9. vis

    vis Senior Member
    from 4
    Messages: 324

    even with that pic, the way its been going, im guessing the storm will shift and it will be rain. ( said that last time for the 1-3 storm and got 5):alien:
  10. itsgottobegreen

    itsgottobegreen PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,351

    an't going to do me any good. I am to far south.
  11. EJK2352

    EJK2352 Senior Member
    Messages: 193

    Dream on !!!! I love all you guys that depend on snow!!!!
  12. Dupesy

    Dupesy Member
    Messages: 61

    We'll see. Hey, we can at least dream a little, right?:bluebounc
  13. rembrandt100

    rembrandt100 Member
    Messages: 43

    LOL I live and work north of that line. Last time I used the plow was Dec 16 2005. Love my contracts.

  14. hillmin

    hillmin Junior Member
    Messages: 26

    The most accurate weather report I've used is MyCast.com. I still keep an eye on NOAA and the Weather Channel. I don't bother with all the rest I've used in the past.
  15. vis

    vis Senior Member
    from 4
    Messages: 324

    hmmm looks like accuweather was right eh? atleast 2 inches coming tonight/tommrrow, something to drop the blade on atleast/
  16. Kevin003

    Kevin003 Junior Member
    Messages: 23

    EDIT sry wrong thread delete me please
  17. vis

    vis Senior Member
    from 4
    Messages: 324

    for you accuweather believers, they called it right on. 1-2 inches of wet snow, followed by sleet/rain then plain rain. EXACTLY what happened, all over by 12 pm.

    got to scrape everything and drop sand tm AM.

    payup payup payup

    Bring on febuary!!

    over the next 2 months if we get 5 to 10 sandable/plowable events fine by me...plenty of rest this winter. Whos rdy to mow/landscape!?
  18. btrussell

    btrussell Member
    Messages: 65

    I agree

    With potomac lawns. There should be a mass of snow over the central seaboard but no. Just rain.
  19. Dirt_Werx

    Dirt_Werx Senior Member
    from MASS
    Messages: 129

    i dont know about everyone else, but we had 3-5 here monday morning, heavy wet stuff got about 6 hours in pushing it around and they claim that a little more is on its way
  20. Jto89

    Jto89 Member
    Messages: 60

    here in southern mass it snowed steady up until 1:00 then it switched over to rain. before it switched over to rain we had 5 of 6".