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For Sale - Fed Sig Vector Lightbar

Discussion in 'Used Plowing and Truck Equipment Forum' started by JR2980, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. JR2980

    JR2980 Junior Member
    Messages: 2

    Hey guys -

    I have a FedSig Vector Lightbar that I'm selling - I'm asking $225. It is currently mounted on my truck, but comes off very quickly. Located in Harford County MD - I might consider shipping, but buyer would have to cover all packaging and shipping costs. The lightbar is big and heavy, so I don't know how much it would cost.

    The lightbar is currently not connected since I removed the dual battery setup that it was connected to, but it can be wired up to the battery to show proof that it works. the lightbar was used when I bought it and I have used it as well, so dont expect a brand new light - it is in pretty good condition, but does have some scratches, scuffs, and normal wear and tear.

    It includes the mounting feet for GM full size pickups - I'm not sure what year they are good through, but will definitely fit any bodystyle similar to the 2004 that it is currently mounted on. I can also include the mounting feet for the S-10 pickups (if I can find them) - if you're interested in these, let me know as I'll need to dig them out of the garage and make sure I can find them.

    It doesn't need a controller - everything wires right up to a switch, and you can wire in as many switches as you need for all the functions - I only used 3 switches, but there are many more functions.

    It currently has all amber lenses except for the 1 smart-pod on each side that can be used for spot-lights. these lenses are clear. I have the red and blue lenses that came with the lightbar when I purchased it that will be included. The amber and clear lenses were purchased new in 2008 and are still in fairly good shape. All of the bulbs were replaced in 2008 when I installed the new lenses, and I think I have a couple of spare bulbs laying around - if I can find them, I'll throw them in.

    I also have the instructions with a wiring diagram for how to configure the lightbar and what wires to use for each function.

    The lightbar works great and I love it, but the new truck is going to get LED's or strobes hidden ...... my wife will be driving the truck when I'm not working it, and she doesnt like it to look so much like a work truck. You know how it is - if the wife aint happy.....aint no one happy! :)

    If anyone has any questions please let me know - I'll answer anything that I can. If you want pictures let me know and I'll go take some and send them. If you want to come take a look at it, just say the word and we'll setup some time.