Football and Snow


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Worcester, MA
couldn't ask for a more perfect night...being at the game (in the snow), experiencing and unbelievable finish, and then returning home to 5 inches of easy to plow white gold $$$ -------------------GO PATS!!!!


GreenBay, WI
That WAS on heck of a game.
I only wish they would have hauled some snow into the **** dome. That is how football should be played. Maybe my Packers would have had a little better day on snow. I think QB Brady has a future!
As bad as it hurt to watch the Pack lose, I wouldn't want to have been a Raiders fan late in the 4th quarter.

I kept looking out my window hoping that some of that snow was falling here too. No luck, just a cold dry weekend.
That's OK, my plow truck decided to blow a valve cover gasket on Sat. That should be enough of a reason for it to snow until I get that fixed.



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Southern NH
Yes that was a great game the only thing missing was some guy driving a tractor with a sweeper on it to clear a spot for the kicker.

It has been a weird winter we have had 5 storms in the last 7 days they all leave around 3-4 inches of nice light fluffy snow heck it is snowing now going to get another 3-4 inches this afternoon

Next week the Steelers then the Big Game GO PATS:D
Enjoy the week you Pats fans, because the Steelers are waiting for you. The best thing that could happen is a snowstorm and neither team would have an advantage, because they are both cold weather teams. Prediction Steelers 28 - Patriots 14.

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