Foot of snow to plow.....double charge?

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by ctplowing, Jan 31, 2011.

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    3 days ago we got over a foot of snow in 4 hours. Way too much to plow with the storm. In a normal storm I could've plowed twice and billed for two plows.
    My question is you still bill out for 2 plows in a foot or more of snow even though your showing up once?
    I do because its a total PITA to plow a foot of snow in one shot. Takes me literally 2-3 times the time.

    What do you guys do?
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    We've got most of our stuff set up at intervals, like 0"-5", 5"-10", and 10+". Might be different up there in CT. My wife just got back from there, she said it was wild compared to what we get here in OH.
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    sadly no i wouldnt. If I am doing a place strictly per push regardless of accumulation, you just have to take the hit.

    I will either price the lot at per push per inch, so how ever much snow is on the ground at the time of the push is the charge, 10" storm push 1 has 2" push 2 has 8" each push has a separate charge.

    If its just per push no matter how much snow, i will include a blizzard clause, usually for any snow totals exceeding 10" or 12" depending, which then i just get my hourly rate.

    We only use that when the lot actually has more than 10 or 12" of snow at the time of the push. If we got an all day snow though totaling 12" (spread out over like 8 hours) we would just do the per push rate, since we should be able to get 2 maybe even 3 pushes in.
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    If you're letting that much accumulation accrue that you are pushing a foot at one time, or if it's snowing that hard that you can't keep up with it, then you need to protect yourself with a contract that states an extra charge for it, whether it's 50% more or double.

    Either that, or charge hourly.

    If it's not in writing and signed by the customer, I don't see how you can charge double for one push.
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    You do what your contract states.......and If you don't have a contract consider it a lesson learned to have one......
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    yup, if i was a customer and I know you only plowed the lot 1 time but I got a bill for 2 i would be calling you right away. Work something into your contract for excessivly fast amounts of accumulation, ie a blizzard clause where you get to charge differently than normal.
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    If your contract states every 6''+ of snow is a billable charge,whether you opt to plow at 6''[ and then the final 6'' or to wait at the end for 12'' total,doesn't matter,you should bill out for 2 6'' plowings,no question. Anybody that doesn't understand this,I explain that if hypothetically speaking,if you get a 3' snowfall,would you reasonably expect me to move a mountain of snow if I should be able to plow that all at once and only charge for a single 6''+ snowfall??Of course not.I would charge for 6 plowings--simple and completely fair.
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    that's all up to communication. I reserve the right to do this.

    I find it hard to stick to numbers. 3" wet snow is equivilant burden to 10" light snowfall. So I tell them up front that it's hard on equipment and personnel. I take very few per push for that reason, they all call when it's all over.
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    All my customers are sent a letter at the beginning of the season that states: "if we get 10" or more the price is double whether we push it once or twice". With that much snow sometimes you can't get to everyone twice so you show up and there is a foot of snow in the driveway with 3 feet at the end from plowing the road. Should you charge for one push or two? It definitely takes more time and abuse on your equipment. Repairs and Insurance are not cheap by any means.
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    It's all in the contracts. 0-6 / 7-12 after 12, $XX.xx per 1" over.
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    Definatly charge double.
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    Put all the information in the contract, then....... bill them what it says in the contract.