Flywheel noise!!! Help

Would a bent flywheel on a 82 halfton 6.2 desiel 700 r4 trans make a ton of noise??? I am just asking becouse thats what i was told was the problem! It sounds like a grinding sound and rattling clanking all together! It is not loose becouse it did come lose awhile ago but i retightend all bolts and put thread lock on them and now all of a sudden its making them same sounds as when it was loose but its not loose! Thanks sorry if its all scatterd i am very tired!!!:confused:

Chuck Smith

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The flexplate (flywheel) could be cracked. It is not uncommon for them to crack. Not easy to see a crack with it on the truck, unfortunately.....

When you checked the bolts to be sure they were tight, did you see any marks from the flexplate grinding on anything? Was the flywheel cover chewed up at all? How did the teeth look on it? Does it grind when you start the engine? It could also be a starter problem. Not likely, but possible. Did you check the starter bolts to be sure they are tight as well?


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