Fluid Leak

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    Hey all, So I just got my truck with the plow last night, today I went the futureshop by my place, and put the blade down, i got out and it was just leaking a lot of fluid out, it looked like it was coming from the main pump? Right in the center where main arm goes. I am really new to this stuff, and I even put a call in to arctic but I haven't gotten a call back yet from them :realmad:.

    Was wondering if anyone has this on theres before? I tried searching for this, but all i found for arctic was the turning, I haven't tried turning it, it was working fine yesterday, and aside from being real cold and electric when i went out making it slow, it turned great. I think I might have gone to far when i put it down in the parking lot and blew something.

    Thanks in advance!
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    The guys at Arctic 95% of the time pick up the phone.
    Call again.
    Sounds like a seal somewhere on the power unit.
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    I took it into BR BR Dickson Equipment in burlington. Whsat had happened was the last owner put dexcool in the pump and over filled it. So had it all drained serviced, and new hydro lines. The only thing with it now is that it will need a new pump but I should be good till next year with what I havem