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Discussion in 'Eureka Fluid Film' started by Avalanche 2500, Nov 29, 2016.

  1. Avalanche 2500

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    Nice stuff!! Best in use before rust starts, otherwise sandpaper+ touchup paint then spray.
    I use year it round hot sun / winter. Low'es got it @ $10.00 A can Good luck! :drinkup::drinkup:
  2. SnoFarmer

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    Over priced for what it does.


    Washes off to easely.

    Soap brakes it down to easely,

    Yes I have tryed it a couple of times,
    Maybe at half the price, but even then.

    A honest review by somone who has spent $100+ on the stuff.
  3. Dirtebiker

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    I appreciate that!^^^^
    I saw FF at Rural King, but thought at $10 for a 16(?) oz. spray can, it was quite pricey!
  4. rick W

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    We use LPS 3, it is equally pricey but have found it works really really well. If you undercoat stuff with it and and soak weld seams, bolts etc in a warm shop...let it sit and soak into the cracks, hinges etc...places salt water can sit, it really helps. Pricey but we buy the 1 gal can, warm it up...put it in a little sprayer bottle and goes a pretty long way. Way better than $10 or $15 dollar a can FF. Just our experience.
  5. FIREMEDIC2572

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    We have using it for years and buy it by the gallon to spray with a HVLP gun. For us it works well and protects equipment well. Just sprayed the entire underside of my new truck today. I think it is cheap when I look at what the truck and plow cost me.
  6. hbrady

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    Just did my truck with LPS 3 this weekend and learned 2 valuable lessons, don't apply outdoors when it's 42 degrees and don't do it outside when it's windy :eek:. I like the fact it doesn't wash off and lasts 2-3 years.
  7. itsymenchhofer

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    Yes ...some people give this good reviews but I disagree. It washes off easily and does not last long at all. Over-hyped big time. Seems good for some electrical connections but spraying plow or truck is waste of time
  8. snowish10

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    Why is it bad doing it outside???
  9. hbrady

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    The product becomes very thick and difficult to spray at cooler temperatures. If it's warm and dead calm wind you will be ok but I also did on a breezy day :( Ended up having to clean windshield with solvent (along with my face and hands). Lesson learned.