Fluid Film on rubber

Discussion in 'Eureka Fluid Film' started by kawasaki guy, May 12, 2015.

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    I Fluid Filmed my bike (looks GREAT! Will upload pictures later), but i got a little bit on the tires. Not noticeable, but was wondering if it would harm them, or how would I get it off the tires if it would harm them.
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    Bike as in bicycle or motorcycle?
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    Fluid film's website says that you shouldn't use it on rubber. It tends to deteriorate it.

    If you want to lubricate rubber, try KY Lube, or find a better partner...:D
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    kawasaki guy

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    bycycle. :laughing: Wanted to test it out on that before I do anything bigger.
    great. It is only overspray though, and i just buffed it out with a rag so it would look good. Hoping I will be fine. It was a $400 bike 1 year ago.

    payup :waving:
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    thanks for the post

    Hello Kawisaki guy,

    thanks for the post, Fluid Film will penetrate non oil resistant rubbers. however a bit of over spray will not affect you much. Fluid film can be used as a tire shine on cars and trucks so it will not damage the rubber itself.