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I live in southern WV and was a victim of last week's flood. My 84 K10 was totally under muddy water for around 4-5 hours, and I am going to start today trying to get it back to running condition. I have received many opinions on how to go about flushing my engine, but some folks say drain the oil, take out the plugs, remove the fuel tank, and crank the engine until whatever water blows out of the plug holes. Others say to do this, as well as flushing the engine with deisel or kerosene. I have a 250 inline six, and would flush it through the oil filler hole. Any opinions,ideas, or similar experiences would be greatly appreciated. If I can get the egnine running ok, then i'll flush my diffs and tranny later. Thanks.


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This is just what i've heard...a friend of the family killed his dodge in water....so he towed it home...and filled the block with around 2gallons of oil? you know that you can just pour and pour oil into your block and it will take much more than 5qts.....he "bumped it"--turn the key just to get the crank to turn over-- just a few times drained all the oil...changed his plugs and filter....granted it ran but he said it never ran the same as it once did again....now how this oil would get the water out of your system i have no idea...you should also replace the cap and rotor i'm sure they are filled with water...you may even need a whole new distributor...I personally would drop the whole oil pan and clean it well being that all the left over water would drain into your oil pan....what do you plan on flushing your system with? i wouldnt do it with diesel just because if any remains in the system it can really do a number on your rings sort of like water would

Also i have heard of runnign tranny fluid in place of oil as a system flush...be sure to monitor the temperature carefully being that transmission fluid has a much different viscosity than oil

Sorry to hear that you had to experience this event but hey maybe you'll be the lucky one that changes everythign and it cranks right back up...

Thats just a few idea's


Was the engine totally submerged?
I would also worry about water/silt getting in the bores
through the carb.
If this is the case you may want to disassemble it. You can try to clean it out but you may also damage it when you turn it over

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If it was totallu under for 4-5 hrs-muddy water,and you let it sit for a week-its junk no doubt.The cylinders are rusted tight,if yiu crank it,you'chew up the rings,pistons,etc.if it starts it will burn oil,and have low power.Im sorry to hear this happened.

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