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Float Position


Junior Member
I have a Fisher 7.5' RD plow and I was wondering does it matter when I am pushing snow if the blade is in the "float" position or not? I have tried it in "float" and "not in float" and have not noticed a difference. Thanks for your assistance.
It should be in the float position to allow the plow to follow the contour of the ground,and the keep weight on the blade.You may not notice the difference on flat ground,but try it off the end of a driveway,and you see the plow won't drop down and follow the pavement if it isn't in the float position.


Junior Member
Thanks for the reply. I had been using it in "float" but I just wanted to make sure.


PlowSite.com Veteran
Nova Scotia
The float position is the normal one, but if you plow any unpaved areas or carry the snow off the pavement onto a lawn then hit the up button so the lift arm takes the weight of the plow, you won't scrape as much dirt or tear up as much sod. a little practice raising the plow slightly when leaving the pavement, will save some repair work in the spring, and on gravel will stop unnecessary tripping of the plow.


Got Grass?

Senior Member
Western New York
When you push the down button it take away the pressure on the cylinder & the weight of the blade pushes it down.
When it is not in the float mode the pressure remains at the point where the blade was when you stoped. Im float mode it leaves the cylinder unlocked so the blade can fall further down, with the pavement & compress the cylinder more.

In simple terms, Float mode is basicly the same as the down button constantly pushed.