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Someone please run by me briefly or intensivly the difference between a per push as opposed to a flat rate

I understand how someone wants to know what ones rate will be to do a job=any line of work

if one gives their specs on a job pertainig to snow conditions,

I keep hitting a gray area in my ageing mind whtch closely comes close to a per push pricing ... whats the diff?, its not a per inch nor seasonal,, so does it fall within the per push area pricing?
How do you break it up if their asking you breakdowns in their specs..Im sort of lost here, <not the 1st time niether>
thanks ever so much,,
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"Per push" is a charge for each time that you come in and plow the driveway. "Flat rate", I think would mean a fixed price for each snowstorm, regardless how many times you have to plow. We won't want to use the term "flat rate." The term "per push" is what we want to use. It is more profitable that way.


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Ok thanks Stephen
Appreciate the response so quikly

A movie theatres specs where to submitt a flat rate pricing

they indicated
over 10
sidewalks, calcium chloride
salt lots

250,000 sq ft total lot wih 4000feet of road
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