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We don't have medians to load it onto up here and it is illegal to pull it all out and push it up the street "in a truck."

@jonniesmooth has the right idea. Compact tractors are the way to go within city limits. You can pull it to the street, block the street, push it up the street. You can pretty much do whatever you want in a compact tractor and never have a problem. Try that in a truck. Someone will probably call the police and you might be getting a fine.
Why? What’s the difference?
Flat Fee TV

Flat Fee TV

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Why? What’s the difference?
There is no difference as far as what you're doing with the snow. Apparently you just can't do it with a truck. Tractors get a free pass.

As far as unsightly piles in the yard, that's just a part of winter up here. There is no way around that one and no one complains. My entire front yard is a snowbank right now and this is a the least snow I've seen in 41 years of winters. 23% below normal so far.

Also wanted to share this link with everyone for snow total history. It's a must have bookmark for plow guys.