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Iam wondering what the difference is between a flairside and a styleside. Iam going to buy upper wheel arches from jcwhitney and they are not available for flair sides. Could some one please tell me the differnce and how to identify each one. Iam pretty sure that a styleside is not a stepside. The truck is a 75 f-250 4x4 longbed.


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"Styleside" is what Ford calls their equivalent to Chevy's "Fleetside" - pickup box that matches the contours of the fenders/cab.

"Flareside" is Ford's term for what Chevy calls the "stepside" - pickup box with the separate fenders.

Sounds like the parts you're referring to are replacement panels for the area above the rear wheel openings. They're not made for the Flareside because for that type of pickup box, you'd replace the fender itself.

Hope this helps - Disclaimer: I'm a Chev/GMC fellow that sneaked into the Ford forum! ;)


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If they're the ones I'm thinking of, best course of action would be to use the replacement part as a pattern (depending on how big the rusted area is you may not have to use all of the panel, just the appropriate portion) and cut the old stuff out. Then carefully fit the new piece in place (this operation is called "sectioning" by auto body pros I believe) and weld it in, a MIG welder would be my choice for this. Then do the required "mud" work to blend the repair in to the original.

Buddy of mine put wheel arch repair panels on an early-80's Ford 1/2 ton, but since it was just his "winterbeater" truck he simply put the panel over top and tacked it on. Not as nice a job, but quicker and OK to get the "rusties" covered up.
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