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    I would like your guys information on how good of luck you have had with the Fisher V-plows. We just bought a 2000 Chevy 3500 and need to put a plow on it soon and the dealer in our area told me that Fisher was coming out with a 91/2' V Plow. We currently run 5 other Fishers from 8'-10' and we would like to try one of these V-plows. I would greatly appreciate anything anyone has to say about the Fisher V's.
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    I have a total of 2 fisher v plows both 8.5 '. They work very well, and are great. Only one is mounted on a pick up the other on a dump, the 8.5 is too small for a dump. I am getting 2 new 350s and 2 new 550. The 350s will get the 9.5 v for sure, i am not sure if i am going to use the 9 MC, a 9' Diamond ( probably won't havppen), or a 9.5 V. Gotta check out the v first.<p>Geoff
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    You might like to know the 9.5' Fisher V Plow is more than just a wider plow. It is actually beefed up quite a bit over the standard 8.5'. This will be it's first year out although they had several &quot;Proto-Type&quot; unit in field testing last year. Results were VERY positive.<br><p>----------<br>Bill Nero<br>CPW
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    It was my understanding that the 9.5 v plow was made for the F-450 and up chassis.<br>I personally would not run the 9.5 on the 3500 series truck. I would stick with the 8.5 v plow.I have a western v plow(made at the same plant that the fishers are made) and know several people that run the fisher v plow, and they all love them.<br>Why winrow when you can scoop?<br>Dino<p>----------<br> Professional Ice and Snow Management <br>Products:Services:Equipment
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    Dino,<p>You are correct. The 9.5 V was developed for the F450/550 SD. With a weight of 1050lbs, caution should be used in any other vehicle application.<p>It has been my experience that guys will mount it on one tons as well. Back in the &quot;Old Days&quot; we used to mount the Diamond V Plows on any one ton truck - even 3/4 ton. Those monsters also weighed over 1000 lbs.<p>My advice is to add a good Suspension aid kit if used on a one ton. Timbrens Areon rubber springs work extremely well and are inexpensive.<p>----------<br>Bill Nero<br>CPW
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    Maybe i should change my order to 4 F 550, and not 2 350s and 2 550s. Was never planning on spreading with the F 350s, but i want the bigger v plow. The 8.5 with a ford's turning radius is just too small.<p>Geoff