Slightly used Fisher Xtreme V XLS Plow Handheld Controller 4 Pin, 29800 White 4 pin square plug compatible with newer Fleet flex plows Added security of Security Guard with numbers 1-4 for locking the plow, also used to control wings. This control is specifically designed for the new Fisher Xtreme V and XLS expandable plows with a white 4 pin square plug and is a direct replacement for older versions 29600 & 49800. This controller is also compatible with 4 pin straight blades. Interchangeable with 4 pin controllers for Western Straight, V and WideOut plows. Plow must be the newer 4 pin Fleet Flex. Please note that this 29800 control will NOT work with UTV plows or the new half ton EZ-V plows, for which you would need the 85100 control. If you have an early EZ V plow, this control is not compatible as it uses a 10 pin round plug (9800 controller). This Fisher Xtreme V XLS Plow Handheld Controller also comes with the added comfort of Fisher Security Guard, with keypad numbers 1-4 for locking the plow. The only difference from the older versions is the wording on the keypad. $250.00 or your BEST Offer. Local pickup preferred, Shipping available + shipping costs. Cash or PAYPAL is preferred method for payment. $250.00 or your BEST Offer.