Fisher X-Blade

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I know that this has been discussed several times before but I want to learn more about the Fisher X-Blade Minute Mount II. I saw one at John's BBQ. But I am curious why there is a small gap between the "X" bracings and the moldboard? There is like a quarter inch gap.

The angle of attack is steeper and I heard that it is to make it easier for the trip edge blade to trips, and to scrap better. Does this mean that the X-Blade would tend to digger deeper on unfrozen ground?

The blade gauge on both 8' and 9' is 12 gauge polished 304 stainless steel, and mild steel plows is 11 gauge. But I heard that stainless are tough and a pain to work on so I assume that the 12 gauge stainless is stronger than the 11 gauge mild steel?

Do you know how much the 8' and 9' X-Blade weighs complete, including the A frame, headgear, mounting brackets, steel edge, curb shoe?

Any disadvantage about X-Blade over standard mild steel painted yellow plows? Only thing I can think of is that it is hard to work and weld with, if I am not mistaken.

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There is a gap between the bracing and the moldboard, because the stainless moldboard is bolted to the X braced steel frame. It is bolted across the top, and at the bottom edge.

I would imagine it would dig like any other plow on unfrozen ground (they all do).

Yes, 12 ga. stainless is stronger than 11 ga. mild steel.

For weights, check the previous threads on the X Blade. There was some talk in general about Fisher giving weights for the plow set up only, due to variations in the truck side brackets.

As far as having to weld or work with the stainless, it is a lot harder to bend and form, but no different to weld. There also would be no reason to weld it unless it got torn somehow. No reason to have to bend it unless there was a serious mishap (accident).

I actually like the idea of a space between the moldboard "sheet" and the bracing. On other plows, when in storage (outdoors), water tends to puddle in many places against the back of the moldboard around bracing.... and then the rust starts.

I noticed at the BBQ that the BOSS plow there with the trip edge, had X bracing on the back of the moldboard too. Seems like a sign of designs to come....



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I saw an x blade at my local ford dealer.It looks great and it might be what i will get when I get my new truck.For one I like the attack angle,and the cutting edge has a reversable blade.

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I saw my first x blade today and got to say I am impressed. I think it would scrape alot better than my fishers do and as good or better than my boss. Also the curve of the moldboard is much better then the yellows.

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I remember that Fisher have snowplow selection guide online so I checked it out and sure enough it also listed how much the blade and other parts weighs. Here is the number that I added up.

8' Fisher X-Blade
8' X-Blade 790 lbs.
8' Cutting Edge 84 lbs.
Shoe Kit 22 lbs.
Truck brackets 45 lbs.
Total 941 lbs. complete

9' Fisher X-Blade
9' X-Blade 835 lbs.
9' Cutting Edge 95 lbs.
Shoe Kit 22 lbs.
Truck brackets 45 lbs.
Total 997 lbs. complete

Regular Fisher yellow plows
8' Fisher HD MM2 846 lbs. complete
9' Fisher HD MM2 885 lbs. complete
8 1/2' EZ-V MM2 935 lbs. complete
9 1/2' EZ-V MM2 1,018 lbs. complete