fisher v problems

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i was out plowing last night every thing was going good till about 4am i was doing the local mcdonalds when the plow would not raise.hit the raise button and the wings angled !!oooh.s---t got out unpluged both plugs and put them back in everthing worked fine the rest of the you think it was the conection or could it be somthing else

Eric ELM

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I had the oposite problem. I was on the way out to do my 61 big driveways and I angled the plow which lets more air to the radiator. It raised instead. I had a tube of electrical grease with and put it on the conections and it worked fine for 13 hours while I did the 61 driveways twice during the mini blizzard. I usually put some grease on the plugs at the beginning of the season, but forgot this year. Keep a tube in your truck.<br><p>----------<br>&lt;a href=&quot;;&gt;Eric@ELM&lt;/a&gt;<br>

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I've had this problem to. Sometimes ice will build up on the plugs, and will cause them to work loose. I try to clean them off when I refuel, or get out of the truck for a nature call. VERY IMPORTANT that you keep the plugs coated with dielectric grease, had a buddy who never did and he had to replace the plug, because of corrosion.<br>Bill

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I have never had a connection problem. Only i make sure to grease all my electic connections at least once a year. On the fishers where the connections are exposed to the weather a lot more. I grease them everytime i connect the plow with the truck. The Diamond connections you make once a year, and then after that it's just the hydrolic connections.<p>Geoff


the only problem i have experienced with my plugs is similar to those mentioned, they need to be kept clean, greased and make sure that the keeper strap on the driver side plug is always holding the plug into the receptacle on the truck.

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