Fisher V problem

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Last Night My Left wing Would't stay, it kept folding back. You could feel it bleeding off. Checked the fluid and hoses every thing good there. Could it be a silonide or ck valve.What should i look for ar at.


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i had my western vee blade did the same thing . i bought the service repairmen booklet. it was a stuck check valve.if you take it apart becarefull not drop the check valve ball. before you take it apart count the number of turns it takes to take it apart. then write it's not a big deal to fix if thats the problem.good luck.

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Nova Scotia
I had this happen to mine, it was a bad o-ring on the relief valve. Mine was the right wing, and with the blade straight, the right wing would slowly creep back to the folded position. The relief valve for the left wing is on the right side top of the hydro unit under the plastic cover, and the oring is availible from UAP for about 25 cents. You can go to the Fisher website site and download the mechanic's guide which will show you most everything you need to know. It could also be a leaking check valve these are on the side of the unit, but I'd check the orings on the stem of the relief valves frist, they simply unscrew with a flat screwdriver, be careful not to lose the spring spacer and check ball. Correct setting is 11/2-13/4 turns for the primary valve(front one) and 11/4-11/2 turns in for the secondary. Also a little antiseize on the threads on re-install is a good idea.


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