Fisher V-plow problem.

Somerville MA.
My Fisher V-plow will not scoop. Everything else works fine, angles, lifts, and even will go into the V position. I've checked all the usuall suspects, connections, hoses , fuses, fluid, I even checked the soleniods for loose conections. No luck. So if ANYONE has had an experience with this problem or has any advice I would be very appreciative. Thanks.


i had this problem just last week. it turned out that on the v- plow there is that black box that covers the selonoids and we took that off and one of the wires that has a crimped on end that connects to the seloniod was just off by the slightest little you know what hair. LOL. all it was was a little loose and we just recrimped it and it worked. Then I had the problem again and it turned out to be in the wiring harness, where it connects to the truck. The connection on the drivers side was off by another one of those little hairs, and just the slightest wiggle towards the drivers side made it work. So we have a new wiring harness on order, but for a quick fix we hooked a zip tie to the grill to give the slightest amount of pressure to keep everything working great, it works better than to keep having to get out of the truck and wiggle the connection a little bit. If this doesn't help, you can go to your fisher dealer, like I had to for help. They have a box that hooks to your truck battery and connects in the plow connectors for the truck. Then they run your plow controls and the box lights up to signal that everything is working properly in the truck. It diagnoses the problem to where the signal is not being received. Technology is wonderful. Sorry for such a long post, feel free to e-mail me for more info. By the way, we have 3 fisher v's and this is the only problem that we have had with one of them.

Somerville MA.
Stephen thanks for the quick reply, I did try the solenoid trick with no such luck. I may give it another try though. Thanks. Oh and your right technology is great (WHEN IT WORKS)> :(

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Fisher V

IN the scoop position 3 solenoids are called into play. S3
(middle of back 3 on pump) S4 (right front top), and S6
(left front top) these are located under the plastic covers on the pump. If nothing happens when you press scoop, then I think you have a connection problem at the harness connector. Check real close for corrosion (hope you've kept it well greased with di electric grease) Does the motor operate when you push the button.
If nothing happens look at the connections where the controller hooks up, does one of the pins look like it's pushed back a lot further then the rest, try pushing each of the wires in from the back of the connector to be sure they are locked in place.
I have the manuals and schematics for the ez-v, if you tell me what you have and have not done I'll try to help