Fisher steel caster electric

Hey guys,

Did a bunch of searches and came up empty. Looking for some feedback on the fisher steel caster electric sander. Looking for pros and cons and how guys like them that are using them or have used them. Was thinking about adding the rear work lights and vibrator. Any feedback on those would be great also. Thanks so much.
have a 3 yard electric Steel Caster. Got it late last season when a POC AFE turbo forced me to upgrade my 05 ram to a 19.

Only spread 16-18 ton through it so far.
1. Quality is good-very good.
2. Essentially a poly caster in steel form [motors, switches, etc the same].
3. Much more room in the bed than a poly spreader for bag mix, shovels, etc.
4. Holding up better than the Air flo I got on a truck.
5. Does bridge. I'm adding dual vibrators before next season.

Overall I am buying another one. I like it a lot better than gas spreaders. No fueling at -10, no starter/choke/air filters etc.

I've had good luck with Fisher over the years. IMO another quality Fisher product worth the purchase.
Where do I start....

The controller is cheap and too big. You could never spin the knobs fast enough. It would never register. Just stayed where it was.

No top lid, that's always a downer. I had to fab a salt dogg tarp to it.

The spinner was way to slow! Didn't spread past 10 feet if that.

Left a ton of salt in the bed, but most chain units do so not a huge deal

The lights were easy to mount after you have to buy the fisher harness.

Just overall I didn't like it. I bought another poly caster and never looked back. Now fisher went with the same controller as this unit on the poly caster models. Dumb move. Now I'm back in the same boat as I was with this unit. Bummer

I guess it looked good.... The stainless was a pretty color.

Any other questions just fire away.

Hey I got a steel caster last season. Had the “slow spinner” issue. Turned out the installer wired the spinner motor backwards! Steel caster has a spinner in one direction, poly caster goes in opposite direction. Why??!!

my unit is a 2019. It works good so far. No controller issues no issues at all.