fisher speed caster 2


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I This is my second season using it last year only had one account only needed to load it a little,this year got some more accounts for it loaded up all the way went out plowing and at the end when it started to get icy it would not work.All the wet sand that they said it could move it didn't and it was not frozen sand/salt either.Has any one else had this problem with them?

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I used a heavy wet sand in mine last year with no problem whatsoever. Maybe there was a mechanical problem? What problem were you having? Conveyor wasn't moving? If it was, now that I recall, it was bulk loads I was using and the loader dropping it in did compact it a little & I think I did have to open the gate a lot or all the way until the load got moving a little. After that point it was no problem. You might have to play with it a little to get it going. Also, I've had things get stuck, like a huge boulder of salt, a bag of salt (yes I think we dropped a whole bag in the hopper & forgot to open it & retrieve the bag, oops) etc. that will clog the rest of the material behind it. Good luck with it.

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