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Fisher pump leaking question

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by mac3897, Nov 22, 2003.

  1. mac3897

    mac3897 Member
    from MA
    Messages: 68

    Question for the experts...
    I have a 1 year old Fisher MM2 plow. I just hooked it up today to see if everything still works from last year. I noticed when I angle the plow from left to right there seems to be small trickle of fluid coming from the front of the pump.

    It seems to be coming from a small hex type bolt that is flush with the front side of the pump directly below where the 2 hydraulic hoses connect to the pump.

    Any ideas what this could be and how to fix it?
    I have already tightend the bolt as much I could.

    Thanks for the help

  2. BWinkel

    BWinkel Senior Member
    Messages: 103

    Sounds like it is leaking by the check valve on the manifold. There is an O ring behind the plug that may be loose or damaged. If you go to Fisher's website and look in the mechanic's guide there are instructions for inspection and cleaning of the check valves.
  3. mac3897

    mac3897 Member
    from MA
    Messages: 68

    Thanks I will do that.
  4. mac3897

    mac3897 Member
    from MA
    Messages: 68

    I just checked the site and the tech notes didnt specifically point ot the bolt in question. Any other ideas??

  5. plowking35

    plowking35 2000 Club Member
    from SE CT
    Messages: 2,923

    its only a year old, so its still under warranty
  6. Crash935

    Crash935 2000 Club Member
    Messages: 2,377

    Since you only mention 2 hoses you probably have a SHEP power unit (lift cyl is part of unit). The o-ringe between the casing and valve block is probably leaking, They are easy to change but since its still under warranty you may as well take it in and let fischer pay for it.

    May as well have a fluid and filter change while they are at it if you havent done that yet this year.
  7. snowplowman

    snowplowman Junior Member
    from NH
    Messages: 12


    Remove the plug and apply a small amount of pipe stick sealant without teflon and reinstall ASH Supply 1-888-314-0811