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Fisher Plows

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by P&J Lawncare, Apr 2, 2002.

  1. P&J Lawncare

    P&J Lawncare Member
    Messages: 57

    I just met with my dealer for fisher plows and was told that they ordered to many plows last year. Since fisher is coming out with a new set-up on their plows he is worried about being stuck with just the old style plow next year. He said that since we buy 5 to 10 plows per year he was wondering if we would be interested in any more right now at a even bigger discount than what we get now. I presently get than at basically cost so this would be at cost or below cost so I will probably be buying 5 right now and if any body is interested in getting one from my dealer just e-mail me and I will give you the information you need. I am not associated with fisher at all I just thought that maybe some of you would like to take advantage of my dealers mistake. My dealer is located in Toledo Ohio
  2. Tim Baden

    Tim Baden Member
    Messages: 38


    Sounds like you are getting a really good deal.How many plow trucks do you have?
    Good luck to ya.
  3. P&J Lawncare

    P&J Lawncare Member
    Messages: 57

    we have five trucks and we have 8-10 subcontracters per year.
  4. Winterworks

    Winterworks PlowSite.com Veteran
    Messages: 97

    Wow you guys must be pretty hard on plows to go through that many per year in your fleet:) Seriously I would love to find a deal like that, I pay $7200 Canadian each up here for Boss Vs.
  5. P&J Lawncare

    P&J Lawncare Member
    Messages: 57

    we don't personally buy that many per year but between the new subs and other contracters we easilly go through 5-10 per year. It seems that every year we lose a couple of subs (doing their own accounts) which is fine with me. I also pass my discount onto other companies from around the area which in turn keeps them away from my accounts and it also makes me look with my dealer
  6. P&J Lawncare

    P&J Lawncare Member
    Messages: 57

    I have got alot of emails about this and instead of trying to email everyone back with the prices I just thought that I would post them here. He has 15 7 1/2 RD plows for $2950 one 8 footer HD for $3075 and one 8.5 vee for $3575 all these plows come with fish stick controllers, the new style plow blades and last years style head gear. the price might $100 more or less depending on what truck you have because of the different attachment kits. My dealer also charges $150 to install if you need them to install it.