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I have bought another truck chev z71 1500 series my other is the same but with a arctic plow uni mount very good plow .The new truck came with a fisher and its a piece of junk i lifts so slow .I have 2 batteries and my alt is always around 9 in the red .can anyone help :mad:


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Sounds like a bad pump. Even the old Fisher pumps were pretty good speed. I would first drain all the fluid and refill with clean fluid. If this does not help you may need to rebuild the pump.

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Fisher builds good stuff, I'm guessing the unit you just bought is tired. Not at all unusual with used plow equipment.

To clarify, you say "I have 2 batteries and my alt is always around 9 in the red" , is that all the time or just when you have the plow powerpack engaged?

Because if the voltmeter is always down around 9, there's a problem with the truck's charging system somewhere.

I don't think the voltage should drop that low during normal pump operation regardless, the electric motor may be in need of a rebuild.

And, if the motor is fine but the plow is slow to lift, the pump portion may be due for a rebuild. I had my Monarch pump rebuilt this summer, motor was fine but the plow was getting s-l-o-w to raise due to the pump being worn. (Gear type pump, with wear the clearance between the gear teeth increases, as a result the output PSI is less than it should be)

Also, make sure the lift cylinder is in good shape - check for leaks and pitting/scratches on the cylinder ram.

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I agree with Rob,,you got a bad plow pump motor,or a charging problem,any electrical/repair shop can put an amp probe on the alternator output,and the plow pump wire,so you can quickly find out which one it is without guessing.

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If you know a good starter/altenator repair shop, take the top plate off the motor, there's a bushing in the top plate that when worn allows the armature of the motor to **** sightly sideways, and it really slows down the pump, cost about $5.00. The shop should also be able to check the motor itself out to see if there are any other things wrong, worn brushes, shorts etc. Most of these shops can supply rebuilt or new pump motors.


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