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Fisher Plow would not move side-to-side

Discussion in 'Fisher Engineering Discussion' started by ilawns, Dec 19, 2008.

  1. ilawns

    ilawns Junior Member
    Messages: 3

    I have a Fisher 8' HD MM2 with a Fishstick controller set up on my Chevy 2500HD. During the storm two days ago I started having similar problems described in other threads where the plow would get stuck all the way to the right. It would go up and down just fine.
    Push the left angle button and it would move only once in a while and only move a little and stop. Sometimes when I would hold the button to the left, it would go to the left, stop, then move back to the right.
    It sounded like I got water or junk in the left or right solenoid!!!! My mechanic and I took them apart, checked that the magnets worked, cleaned both valves, put everything back and it worked great. Right up until I started in at the next site and it acted up again.
    From what I read in here, it sure sounded like I did the right thing to clean out the valves and check the solenoid.
    I took off the 8' and put my 7 1/2' plow on just for grins and giggles. Worked great, for about 15 minutes and it started again. Could I have the same problem on both plows?
    As soon as I got it to act up, I swapped in my old stick controller and the problem was gone. I put the Fishstick back on and the blade would not turn!
    I am headed to the dealer today to get a new Fishstick controller before the storm tonight. Just thought I had to share that with you guys dealing with what appears to be a fluid or solenoid problem!!!