fisher plow lifts to slow

Arctic boy

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My brother just bought a fisher uni mount plow its only 6 months old .the dam thing lifts so slow and drains the battery .we put another battery in the truck but i works in the red range all the tim .i have a big gm alternator .is there any way to adjust the rate it lifts .


Western CT
Sounds like the motor or pump are not working right. I would try replacing all the fluid first. It may be dirty or have water in it. Plow should move faster under normal conditions and not drain the battery too much.

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Fresh fluid is a good idea anytime you're not sure of the history of the unit, even if it is only 6 months old.

Another thing you can check is the electrical connections from battery to pump, and don't forget the ground side of the circuit. Make sure they are clean and tight, and that the cables themselves are in good condition.

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